Map of Landfill Bans

Canada is a world leader in electronics stewardship. At over five kilograms, Canada’s per capita volume of comparable recycled electronics surpasses that of the United States, as well as many European countries. Canada’s provincial electronics stewardship programs continue to make great strides. Together, they have diverted over 400,000 tonnes of electronics from landfill since their inception.

The challenges facing responsible electronics recycling will continue as more products with increasingly complex designs and a greater range of materials reach market. However, with appropriate programs governing end-of-life electronics recycling, an innovative and engaged manufacturer community, and forward-thinking requirements like those included in the Electronics Recycling Standard, Canada is well-positioned to continue its global leadership in electronics stewardship.

One of the most effective measures supporting recycling is a disposal/landfill ban because it effectively closes the door to disposal as an option. Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland currently uphold province-wide landfill bans for electronics. In other provinces across Canada where such wide reaching bans are not in place, individual municipalities have passed bylaws to ban and divert end of life electronics from landfills. The graphic below illustrates the extent to which electronics products are banned from disposal in municipal landfill sites across the country.


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