Guiding Principles

EPSC believes that Provincial electronics stewardship programs should be based on the following guiding principles:

  1. Level playing field: All obligated producers participate in an approved stewardship program to maintain a level competitive playing field.
  2. Harmonization: To the greatest extent possible, harmonize with other electronics stewardship programs to achieve economies of scale.
  3. Appropriate Standards: All recyclers used by an electronics stewardship program must be audited to the EPSC recycling standard – a standard that has been employed in every other jurisdiction in Canada that maintains an end-of-life electronics stewardship program.
  4. Environmental improvement: Use the program’s influence on the market to drive environmental improvements such as proper reuse, responsible recycling, and enhanced resource recovery.
  5. No cross-subsidization: Each product category are assigned only the costs of managing those products within that category.
  6. Operational efficiencies: Drive operational efficiencies by leveraging competitive markets for services and streamlining administrative and governance processes to ensure financial resources are used effectively and efficiently.
  7. Collective or Individual Responses: the program should allow the flexibility for either an industry collective response or individual company responses.


EPSC believes that the path to success for programs of this nature has been:

  1. Non-prescriptive regulation: Regulation is by definition difficult to change. A non-prescriptive approach allows greater flexibility.
  2. Industry lead: Industry should take the lead on the design and development of the program including product lists and definitions and timings.
  3. A phased approach: to timings and product lists.
  4. Leveraging existing infrastructure
  5. Funding flexibility: Allowing industry to determine the applicable financing mechanism for each regulated product to ensure the simple and harmonized management of the program.

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